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NATE-certified technicians have demonstrated their knowledge of today’s increasingly sophisticated heating and cooling systems by passing a nationally recognized test developed and supported by all segments of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry. Consumers can rest assured that with a NATE-certified technician, they are getting the best installation and service for maximum comfort and economy in their heating and cooling system. Better installation and service mean a longer life for your heating and cooling equipment and increased energy efficiency. Technicians who are NATE-certified know that NATE stands for excellence and quality service. 

Use the contractor locator above.
Ask to see the technician’s credentials. You can validate a NATE ID number here. NATE-certified technicians carry a card which is proof that they have taken and passed the necessary tests. Many NATE-certified technicians wear the NATE patches on their shirts. NATE’s contractor locator allows consumers to locate contractors by postal or ZIP code. Ask contractors you find on the NATE site to send a NATE-certified technician, as sometimes the contractor may have both NATE certified and uncertified technicians working for them.
When using a certified NATE technician, you'll experience optimal product efficiency, greater home comfort and most importantly, peace of mind. 


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Why is NATE important to someone like me?

For quality installation and maintenance or service of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration system, ask for a NATE-certified technician. NATE-certified technicians are skilled professionals who have proven their knowledge in the HVAC/R industry by passing specialized NATE certification tests. When choosing a contractor, be sure to ask that a NATE-certified HVAC technician comes to your home or business.